Higher Education Commission HEC Driver Islamabad Jobs 2023



    Higher Education Commission (HEC) Islamabad, a prestigious government organization, has announced job opportunities for individuals with varying educational backgrounds. This article provides an in-depth look into the requirements, benefits, and application process for these positions. Whether you hold a Bachelor’s, Master’s, MBA, MS, or BSVacancy degree, there might be a job waiting for you at HEC Islamabad.


    HEC Islamabad is looking for candidates with diverse qualifications to fill multiple positions. Depending on the job you are interested in, here are the basic requirements:

    1. Driver: To apply for the Driver position, you should have a valid driver’s license and a minimum qualification of at least a Bachelor’s degree.
    2. Attendant: The Attendant role may require a Bachelor’s degree in some cases, but generally, a high school diploma or equivalent qualification is sufficient.
    3. Sub Engineer: Candidates aspiring to be a Sub Engineer should have a Master’s or MS degree in a relevant engineering field.
    4. Security Guard: For the Security Guard position, a high school diploma or equivalent is generally required.
    5. Accountant: As an Accountant, you should possess a degree in accounting or a related field, such as a Bachelor’s or an MBA.
    6. Site Engineer Civil: To be eligible for the Site Engineer Civil position, candidates should have a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering.


    Working at HEC Islamabad comes with several enticing benefits. Here are some of the advantages of being a part of this esteemed organization:

    1. Job Security: Government jobs are renowned for their stability and job security. You can enjoy a long and stable career at HEC.
    2. Competitive Salary: HEC offers competitive salary packages commensurate with your qualifications and experience.
    3. Healthcare Benefits: Employees and their families often receive comprehensive health coverage, ensuring your well-being.
    4. Pension Plans: HEC typically offers pension plans to help you secure your financial future.
    5. Training and Development: You’ll have access to professional development opportunities to enhance your skills and career prospects.
    6. Work-Life Balance: Government jobs often come with reasonable working hours, promoting a better work-life balance.

    Application Process:

    To apply for a job at HEC Islamabad, follow these steps:

    1. Online Application (if applicable): Some positions may allow online applications. Visit the HEC website and follow the application guidelines provided.
    2. Upload CV to Apply: Prepare a well-structured CV that highlights your qualifications and experience. Upload it along with your application.
    3. Be Among the First 25 Applicants: Act swiftly and ensure your application is among the first 25 to increase your chances of consideration.
    4. Closing Date: The last date to apply for these positions is October 31, 2023, or as per the closing date mentioned in the newspaper ad. Make sure to submit your application before this deadline.


    HEC Islamabad is offering diverse job opportunities in the field of management and related departments. Whether you are a recent graduate or an experienced professional, these positions could be the next step in your career. With competitive benefits and the chance to contribute to the country’s higher education, working at HEC is an opportunity worth exploring. Don’t miss the application deadline, and prepare your documents to seize the chance to work with HEC Islamabad.

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    Higher Education Commission HEC Driver Islamabad Jobs 2023
    Higher Education Commission HEC Driver Islamabad Jobs 2023

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